Monday, November 12, 2007

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13 hours on the day job today. So nice to be busy again!

Edison Media. Sean Ross and the folks are blogging here about the ten best radio markets for radio - and begin the countdown with Louisville.

Sean notes a "heated" classic rock battle between Clear Channel's
WQMF and Cox Radio's WSFR.

Over the summer, WSRF won the 12+ numbers; back in the spring it was WQMF. You have to love a battle like that. We'll have to listen tomorrow on the 'net!

Fred Jacobs. Fred writes this morning about The Eagles new album; how its distribution is anything but conventional; how the heritage band's album knocked Britney out of the top spot on the charts. Read
here. Fred promises a related follow-up piece on his blog tomorrow.

Great quote. About the current recession (or "economic downturn") from McVay Media's Dave Lange:

"...a recession is the perfect time to build a brand. You will likely see less competition, less clutter around your message, and remember the audience is STILL THERE. Just because they may be holding their wallets a little tighter they are still looking for entertainment and we offer it for free every day."

Dave's blog is

Watching: The Closer tonight on TNT and hearing the familiar voice of actor Barry Corbin (saw him too!) - reminding me of one of my favorite radio stations that only existed in the TV world: KBHR/Cicely, Alaska.

KBHR - a part of the early 90s TV series Northern Exposure.
Barry's character (Maurice Minnifield) owned the station that featured "Chris in the morning" - (played by actor John Corbett). Just a great series. And Janine Turner - the icing on the cake.

BTW: Barry Corbin is voice of 99.5/The Wolf in Dallas. MP3s of his imaging work here.

More tomorrow. Bedtime for Bonzo.

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