Friday, November 9, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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I really tried to post yesterday
- but my bread and butter job kept me busy well past midnight. Just one of them days. Its all good.

Happy Friday.

Arbitron PPM trends continue to hold for rock library formats.
In New York City - classic hits WCBS-FM and classic rock WAXQ are #3 & #4 6+ in the market's first "precurrency" release.

Meanwhile lots of chatter about PPM
from urban format and spanish-language broadcasters. In NYC - Urban WBLS drops from #1 in diaries 25-54 to #12 in PPM. Ouch.

Cox Radio head Bob Neil - who hasn't been shy at all with his feelings about PPM - expressed his concerns to All Access on Wednesday about Arbitron's shifting recruitment efforts.

Neil says that Cox and possible radio in general will be forced to look to other ratings alternatives, including doing it themselves.

Late Day update: Arbitron issued a release press call this afternoon - and reported that it will agree to "another independent review" of the methodology; basically saying that the industry will have to deal with the realities of PPM if its as valid (or better) than the diary system.

At a press conference call earlier today - Arbitron said it was still dealing with in-tab issue; will stick with telephone recruitment - and is considering cell phone ("smart phones") to collect PPM data. One less thing for a consumer to carry as this blog pointed out some time ago.

All Access.

Crank up the static and win. Below an email sent yesterday to listeners of WVBZ/Greensboro:

Thanks to Randy for the tip.

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