Friday, November 30, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

The Countdown is over - and the best market for radio is: Chicago!

"A huge, eclectic variety and still the best morning-show slate anywhere."

That according to Sean Ross and the staff at Edison Media Research - who have been counting down their list of the ten best markets for radio over the past several weeks in their excellent "Infinite Dial" blog.

Kudos to WDRV's Bob Stroud and Bobby Skafish for being one of the highlights.

Though you may disagree with the final results - its all a fascinating read. See here. I agree Chicago is a great choice for #1 - but wonder why Denver was left out of the Top 10...just my two cents.

Jay Mitchell.
Jay blogs on why he sucks as a consultant (and why he sounds like a great one) here.

Long Week. Wrapping up a very busy November with one job - and getting ready to add another come Monday.

More here Sunday Morning.

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