Thursday, November 29, 2007

The "After The Show" Show

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I mentioned this here about a month ago: Fox News Channel's Morning Show "Fox & Friends" now continues on the 'net after its 9am ET cable sign-off.

Its a bit more loose and informal than whats seen on cable. This morning the show continued on the 'net with guest Christopher Knight (aka Peter Brady of the Brady Bunch) and his wife Adrianne Curry.

Unfortunately - the post-show internet effort this morning was somewhat disappointing. Seemed to lack a plan.

About five minutes in, two of the morning show's cast of four "had to leave" - and after another two minutes guests Knight and Curry also split.

After eight minutes it was "end of show" (although the website promised 15 minutes of post-cable internet programming; hardly worth the effort to login to the Fox News site.

I think its a great concept that radio's morning shows could improve on and adopt. Thinking second internet feed (or HD2) with AM drive show continues past its normal sign-off.

Another way to monetize and drive website visits. An incentive for HD radio. Perhaps the rest of the 24/7 feed could be a looped replay of the radio morning show and post-show segment (ala "Howard 100" on Sirius).

Of course you have to have a morning show with the content value to support the concept. And a staff person to put it all together everyday.

Just a thought while sipping my morning coffee...

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