Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Programming

19° - light snow at 8:59pm

Here's a quick snapshot of some Christmas programming on Classic Rock stations around the country I've spotted in the last few days....

WAXQ/New York goes commercial-free - with 2-'fers starting at 5pm Christmas Eve through 5pm Christmas Day. It is sponsored by Coors Light. More here.

In Houston - KKRW celebrates a "White Christmas" by playing The Beatles' White Album all the way through - not once - but three times...and commercial-free too! Read here.

Light spot load? Use it to your advantage!

CLIQ/Toronto is doing a Top 500 song countdown starting on Christmas Day. See here. Starting on Christmas running through New Years, KZOK/Seattle will be doing a Top 1000 Countdown. More here.

More Commercial-Free:
WABX/Evansville rocks non-stop from noon Christmas Eve through noon Christmas Day.

Yuletide Sides:
WKLH/Milwaukee presents classic albums all day long starting at 10am Christmas Day.

A great layout on their website

WGRF/Buffalo has already began their holiday programming. See John Hager's programming schedule here.

KLPX/Tucson also has "96 Hours of Rockin' Holiday Programming" underway. See that schedule here.

It appears that many stations are not doing anything special beyond adding some Christmas Music to the log and giving the morning show the day off; perhaps not finding it worthwhile during the annual Arbitron break - and that's certainly misguided.

Stay tuned for New Year's Eve!

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