Monday, December 24, 2007

Paul Yeskel

Sad News. Classic Rock has lost one of the true good guys in the business.

Lee Arnold reported on his blog this morning that Paul Yeskel - founder and owner of
Aim Strategies passed away early Sunday morning at his home in New Jersey.

Paul's company specialized in the promotion of new music by long-established Classic Rock artists and ran the
Classics du Jour website - linked to by over 130 Classic Rock Radio Stations.

Anytime Paul called it was a delight - and I found just talking music with him to be a joy. If you programmed Classic Rock, chances are you talked to Paul.

I recall also that Paul was involving his company in some independent recording projects about a year ago.

Lee Arnold - who knew Paul since 1973 - writes more

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Jonas said...

I will always remember Paul as one of the last of the good guys, he was a real honest guy and I trusted him as a friend. Classic Rock has lost an icon.

Jonas Hunter