Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I'm still here...

22° - overcast at 9:34pm

Long days. Started a new industry-related job this week.

I haven't had to "show up at the office" since January 24th; working out of the house and keeping my own hours now for months. It was nice - but didn't pay the bills. Not all of 'em.

It will take a new routine to balance all I do; trying to figure it out with varying schedules and workloads. I'll get there.

Boneheads. No, we're not talking about some classic rock station. But about a company based on disturbing news that I hope is nothing more than a nasty rumor.

Read Jaye Albright's blog post

Classic Rock gone. Oldies in. Indianapolis has a new oldies station. Edison Media's Sean Ross offers his thoughts in a first listen here.

Lee Arnold. Lee sends us to Rolling Stone with a list of the songs that DJs forever have played to make a trip to the men's room. Read here.

Speaking of: Lee's very cool internet radio station "WORJ.COM" can now be heard on smart phones and PDAs everywhere.

Still radio; just a different distribution system.

RAIN reporting Live365 (Lee's streaming provider) "announced new mobile service that lets on-the-go listeners use the streaming audio service via their Radio365-Mobile software for all smartphones, pocket PCs, and PDAs running Windows Mobile 5 or 6." Read here.

Have a good night.

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