Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Monday

12° - clear at 11:50pm

Tonight was the annual
Michigan Association of Broadcasters Christmas Party. A good time spent with a great bunch. Jodi and I leaving earlier than usual to pick up kids at sitter. And there was work for yours truly still to do tonight - and (of course) the blog!

Does Imaging Still Matter?
There's been some movement to shy away from a lot of imaging elements - perhaps an attempt to be more "iPOD-like".

My own take: there's valid arguments on either side - depending on the station, format, market and so forth. Programming is art - all very subjective.

Sean Ross writes about this topic in depth. Read Sean's words and some great follow-up comments here.

I recall Bob Pittman launching AOR WKQX/Chicago back in 1977 with a "no-hype" approach. Of course the liners Bob recorded touting "no-hype" was in fact "hype" - and was the station's imaging. It was just a different twist.

Led Zeppelin (again):
Caught up with Bob Lefsetz' blog last night - and his thoughts on the Led Zep reunion shows last week:

"I don’t buy this hogwash that it’s a one-off. All my sources tell me there’s going to be a tour. No one will CONFIRM a tour, but it’s a well-known fact that they’re going to go on the road."

Read Bob's complete piece

More R&R Hall of Fame: Fred Jacobs and I had to be thinking the same thing. I commented on one new inductee into the Cleveland institution. Fred has his take here.

And thanks - to Dave Martin. Appreciate the kind note tonight.

Bedtime for Bonzo. More soon.

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