Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday Blogs

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Welcome to Wednesday.
Spent part of yesterday watching the FCC sessions via the web on proposed localism rules.

Lots of proposed rules that can impact your station and your bottom line. You can read about those elsewhere.

Added: Didn't intend to get into this - but Fred Jacobs has a great read about the possible return of the overnight jock - based on proposed FCC rules requiring 24/7 staffing. Read here.

I hope that's the case - though in smaller markets I predict some midnight sign-offs (meaning less service and no overnight EAS).

Dave Lange also writes about a the proposed rules and community service here.

HD Radio. Missing an opportunity. Fred Jacobs comments on something the HD Radio Alliance should have/could have. Read here.

Streaming & Stopsets.
David Martin touches on one of my longtime pet peeves here. There's simply no excuse for execution we'd never tolerate on our terrestrial signal. My rant published back in February here.

Greg Kihn goes national:
Best known to most of the country for his 80s hit "Jeopardy"; though I'm more partial to "The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em)".

Greg's been doing mornings in San Jose at Clear Channel's KUFX for many years now - and has dabbled in some syndication and voice-tracking to other markets.

Now he'll be rockin' the 7pm to Midnight daypart nationwide.
I'm expecting a voice-tracked assembled show via satellite much like Alice Cooper's nightly show. Read the release from Jones Radio here. Tipped by Tom Taylor

Randy Michaels...back? Them be the rumors all over the trades this afternoon. Running Tribune for Sam Zell.

Like him or hate him, he's a radio guy who "gets it". And I welcome him back.

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