Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Case For Involving The Listeners

Mark Ramsey wrote on his blog yesterday about lost opportunities for listener interactivity.

Inspired by a recent
Harris Poll on TV and interactivity - Mark writes:

"How many listeners to your station want to interact with your programming? How many opportunities do you provide for them to do that? This is one of the great and largely squandered opportunities for radio."

In my book nobody understands this better - at least in the Classic Rock format, better than John Hager at Citadel's WGRF/Buffalo. Check out his station's website and listen to the stream.

97 Rock is a text book example of how in involve listeners in your programming and get them to interact.

If what holds true for TV also applies to radio - and like Mark Ramsey I suspect it does, there's some great opportunities.

More later today.

Today an anniversary of sorts. It was one year ago today I became a free agent after the corporate budget cut axe fell. I'm saving some comments for the first anniversary of this blog - coming up soon.

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