Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Late Night Notes...

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Surfin' the 'net before bed:

Kudos to Entercom.
All Access reporting that the company has donated studio space in Austin to non-commercial KOOP - which lost its studios in a fire January 5th.

While KOOP rebuilds, they'll have studio space free-of-charge in the Austin Entercom complex for the next 3-4 months. That's not only generous - but a sign of class!

Radio Stories.
John Gorman offers another peak inside his book The Buzzard: Inside The Glory Days of WMMS and Cleveland Rock Radio:

"Though WMMS had a long battle with rival M-105 from the mid-seventies through the early eighties, we never acknowledged our rivals on-the-air."

"But we did raid their promotional events."

"When M-105 secured a Cheap Trick concert co-sponsorship, we parked our van directly in front of the Allen Theater and our programming and promotion staff passed out free “WMMS welcomes Cheap Trick to Cleveland” T-shirts to those going to the show."

More here. I know some guys who should write a book devoted radio competition warfare and games.

Lee Abrams. Lee writes this week on hiring - and makes some terrific points:


"Natural voices. No Pukers...No forced "Big Voices"...we're all about reality not balls Format Passion. Livers of the format lifestyle. Not "Generalists".....but guys & gals who live and breathe your formats. Never: "Hey, I can do AC, Country,...passion what's that?...I'm a "radio guy". Test them! Play Fawlty Towers and Three Stooges to potential hires to check if a candidate "got it"...."

Lee's piece

Have a good night.

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