Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Late Night Update

52° - rain at 11:07pm

Fall Arbitrons trickle in...

In New York: 12+ shows classic hits/oldies WCBS-FM solid at #6 - repeating the share it had in summer. WAXQ off just a tad. WCBS-FM #3 in Nassau-Suffolk. Wednesday brings LA/Chicago/Milwaukee among others.

Listening on the drive home tonight: Network-based oldies format carried locally. Jock ran a pre-recorded phoner from a listener with an Elvis request.

Good bit until the caller mentioned that "when she's at home - she usually listened to the all-Elvis channel on Sirius". Yipes!

Bedtime for Bonzo. More tomorrow.

1 comment:

Tony said...

Of course, the "network oldies station" you were refering to must be Oldies 92.1.

Somebody needs to take that thing live, but it probably won't be the current management.

Similar story: I was driving around Lansing about a year ago on a Saturday night, somehow the Jones night guy was giving the local Denver weather forecast on the air. I'm thinking "what?" As I'm driving down Holmes Rd.

Phil Barry (Jones Radio Network Programming Honcho) has e-mailed me before regarding the podcast and WKNX radio in Saginaw, where he worked back in the 70s. His brother is Rob Baykian of the Michigan News Network, whose name I'm sure you've heard. I've been mulling over bringing that incident to Phil's attention, but like to keep friends in the biz, so...