Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Programming DNA from Coleman Insights

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Good Evening from Michigan.

More PPM findings!
Coleman Insights announces "Mapping The DNA of PPM" in a free webinar tomorrow (1/30). 10am and again 1pm eastern time. Advance registration required here.

Some Coleman findings released to R&R:

"...programming features on music radio stations have more of an impact on long-term brand development than an instant effect on Portable People Meter-based listening levels. Radio audiences tune in to specific programming features in an inconsistent manner, and only the strongest performers have a real impact on their behavior."

“Stations should view features as tools for building their brands and developing their personalities,” “When a feature truly succeeds the audience growth happens over weeks and months and cannot usually be seen in a single airing. We reach this conclusion because audience tune-in specifically for features is inconsistent and not dramatic when it does occur.”

More to revealed during tomorrow's webinar. I'll be there.

Very cool Jon Coleman!

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