Thursday, January 31, 2008

Programming Insights from Jon Coleman

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Wednesday Morning I had the opportunity to listen to Jon Coleman's "DNA of PPM" presentation. I tried to look at some of the graphics Jon presented on the web; but my day job duties had me in another screen most of the time. But the audio presentation was everything and Jon did a great job explaining the research and findings.

Coleman noted in his findings that while features on a music station typically had lower audience levels than the programming preceding it, placement and popularity played a large role.

Music-based features typically did better than talk-based - and that well-promoted high profile features did the best.

Jon cautioned programmers not to over-react to PPM data, especially in terms of analyzing minute-by-minute audience behavior. Rather than "eliminate all negatives", stations should focus on the great features that contribute to long-term brand building, making loyal listeners who tune in day after day.

I can think of many classic rock stations that already do that so well. And some that don't.

Coleman's complete report is available free on as a PDF download
here. And thanks to Coleman Insights for sharing!

Before the spring book - review your features and your audience interest. Eliminate the excessive and promote the hell out of the ones you keep. Something to be done - PPM market or not.

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