Saturday, January 5, 2008

Working For The Weekend

I've been a longtime been advocate of spicing up weekends and holidays with special programming and features.

Its when listening habits change - when that "workforce" audience that gives you long TSL during the week is off doing other things at home or otherwise. You've got to work harder to get them to listen throughout the weekend.

Spotted a couple of stations with some great ideas this weekend:

CHEZ/Ottawa offers up a "Debut Album Weekend"; highlighting first album releases from Classic Rock's greats. Very cool. And its all about the music.

As part of its "JanYOUary" programming (see the post just below this) - WGRF/Buffalo is doing a "Jeopardy Weekend".

Every hour is a theme (suggested by a listener); with every song title in the theme a contribution from other listeners.

To the right:
some of the themes 97 Rock is doing this weekend; see the complete list

No station involves its listeners in its programming like WGRF; all credit to its very talented PD John Hager. Audience interest through participation.

Just passing along some ideas I've seen. Got a great one? Share.

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