Saturday, January 5, 2008

Winter Book Programming

37° - overcast at 11:50pm

Its early yet - but here's a few things spotted for the winter book that kicks off next Thursday:

Commercial-Free Hours.
WBLM/Portland with 4 hours per day spot-free. 2 hours starting at 8:30am and kicks off another two at 3:30pm.

It also says WBLM's sales staff isn't likely filling up the log with typical bargain basement first-quarter spot rates; allowing programming take advantage of light spot loads.

Its "JanYOUary" on Buffalo's WGRF - with listeners truly involved programming the station. In addition to special weekends - 97 Rock is featuing 15 song listener-suggested sets of music (97 Rock Listener "You-Sets"). Check out here.

A to Z. Can't go wrong with it during a book. KGON/Portland kicks it off on January 28th. KGON soliciting titles from listeners and teasing the kickoff on the KGON website here.

I'll pass along more as I see 'em!

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