Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Greg Gillispie

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From Kevin Carter's R&R Street Talk Daily this morning:

Health Issues Force Gillispie's Retirement

Our thoughts are with longtime consultant and programmer Greg Gillispie, who has been dealing with an inoperable brain tumor for the past two years. To better be able to focus on his ongoing health issues, Gillispie has announced his retirement from the business he devoted his past 36 years to. In a statement about his condition, Gillispie is "hopeful that with prayer and medical attention, he will be able to work. He remains positive and is grateful to everyone who has been supportive to him, his wife, Cathie; and daughter, Sara."

Mike McVay, Kent Burkhart, Lee Abrams and Dwight Douglas have teamed up with label vets and Neil Lasher and George Cappellini to create a fundraiser to honor and assist Greg during this most trying time. To participate as a member of the formal planning committee, please contact, or

My prayers are with Greg with hopes that he'll be able to return to work soon. He's one of radio's best and brightest. -dan

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