Thursday, February 7, 2008

Your Station Voice

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Your mileage may vary - but its been my take for the longest time that the days of the deep "balls-to-the-floor" snarly imaging voice for classic rock stations is pretty much over.

Different voices - even a combination of different voices...male/female, different accents both regional and national - as well as listener voices can make your imaging stand out.

Rather than the same voice all the time,
a different voice 2, 3, 4 times an hour can perk up the ears. Think surprises and not the same old.

Yesterday Mark Ramsey
offered a great post on using different celebrity voices for imaging in a audio interview with Wes Stevens - President of voice talent company VOX, Inc. Read/listen here.

some thoughts on branding yesterday from David Martin's blog. Read here.

Disturbing. More cutbacks announced today. Can you really save your way to cash flow? Just asking.

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