Saturday, February 2, 2008

More From Dave Lange: The 90s Station

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Spending the afternoon in the basement, doing cleanup and defrag on the kid's desktop PC. Surfing the 'net on my own notebook as I wait for Windows to do its thing.

I wrote here earlier today about McVay Media VP/Rock Dave Lange's thoughts on imaging - and a little while ago stumbed across some more writing from Mr. Lange:
The 90s Station.

Dave says the time is ripe for a station devoted to the music of the 90s; laying out his blueprint for a new format approach for 25-40 year olds. A format that leans male but is female friendly. 90s rock, alternative, grunge and pop-alternative.

He details what would work and what won't - and why - in a great read

Dave notes: "The attitude and stationality of the 90s Station is not built on the 'all male - babe of the day' style we often see in Active Rock and even some Classic Rockers. The fun and entertainment comes from being topical, having strong community ties, and relating to a strong music mix."

Dave - I'd love to see some sample playlists!

Changing the topic a bit: Dave Lange's thoughts on the attitude and stationality of his 90s station is exactly where I feel Classic Rock needs to be these days too.

I hear and see stations still living in the past with locker room morning shows - and the "Babe of The Day" being the biggest attraction to their website.

The attributes Dave mentions (being topical, having strong community ties and relating to the music) contribute far more to the long-term health growth of almost any station "brand".

Just thinkin'...

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