Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

31 - overcast at 1:43pm

Welcome to Saturday.
My weekend adventure started last night as my wife's notebook PC suddenly displayed the blue screen of death. Had to order XP OS disks from Dell to repair or reload.

Jodi is beginning to show the signs of computer withdrawal.

This morning it was time outside with the snowblower clearing the six inches of snow we had in the last day. See here. Later today its finally replacing the CD/DVD drive in my kids Desktop PC that stopped working some time ago.

This morning to William Shatner's 2004 album Has Been. Cool and interesting. An adventure.

Heard a track from the CD driving to work yesterday on MSU student-run
WDBM - which is all I seem to listen to in the car as of late. Alternative/modern rock.

Lee Arnold's WORJ-dot-com. Lee's online radio station has really come a long way in the last few months. Commercial sensibilities with lots of adventure. Just my take.

Yesterday to JJ Abrams - speaking at TED on the value of "mystery". Via Mark Ramsey's blog where he asks the question "How does your station create mystery?" Read/watch here.

Do iPODs create mystery? Adventure? I think not. I've mentioned that radio's biggest asset is localism. Another asset might be creating surprises - but deep tracks 24/7 aren't for the masses. Mystery and adventure doesn't always mean eclectic - and also includes the spoken word.

Dave Lange writes here on about getting organizated and creative with your imaging. Dave writes:

"How well organized is your imaging clock? Take a look at the MOST VALUABLE images you need and want to convey. Then take a look at how much 'inventory' you have to invest in building the image. You need both a long term plan for the campaign and also a short term clock to execute it."

"Creativity counts big time. Every second counts and at the same time you can't overcook it. You also can't just let the same imaging piece ride for weeks on end. It needs to be freshened."

"Another fact seques are back and should be used. Many may shutter at the 'dead air' as 2 songs just blend together. How will they know who they are listening to? Guess what - they have some brains and if you've done your job in building the brand and your stationality they will know."

Thank you Dave.
More over the weekend.

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