Thursday, April 3, 2008

2008 Spring Book Promos - Part 1

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Spring book began today; while we haven't spotted a ton of spring promotions (makes one think of budget woes) - I did run across a few worth mention.

WAXQ/New York is repeating their "Music Director" promotion - where listeners enter a five-song set of music and when they hear it on the air they can call in to win $104. A variation on the "Workforce Payroll" promotion.

All cash winners go into a grand prize drawing for $40,000 to be used toward a summer beach house rental along the Jersey Shore or Long Island. A little inspiration for the beach house rental is seen to the right.

See the complete promotion on the Q104.3 website here.

is doing the Workforce Payroll -
with "all new hires on Workforce Payday Thursdays earn the maximum wage of $500 per hour!!" Likewise with KRXO/Oklahoma City with Workforce Payroll $100/hour giveaways.

In Tulsa, KJSR (Star 103) also doing the promo as "The At Work Network Payroll" with $100 an hour.

A few weeks back, I wrote here about WCSX/Detroit and its "Stimulus Package" promo. The stimulus now showing up on WKLH/Milwaukee with $600 cash prizes.

WKLH also doing van runs giving out checks for 96 cents to remind people to listen. Checks have reminder to winners "not to spend it all at once". LOL. See here.

WAQY/Springfield will also featuring the stimulus package soon. Tease on the website here. Also on the stimulus promo bus is KLPX/Tucson.

Fredericksburg is offering a "stimulus package" with the "Workforce Cash Artist of the Day." See here.

More promos to come.

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