Friday, May 9, 2008

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

48° - mostly sunny at 9:08am. Above: driving in downtown Lansing is a challenge these days with construction and orange barrels/barriers everywhere.

Welcome to Friday.

Looking back at my blog posts over the last couple of weeks, I've been leaving out much of the everyday programming nuts and bolts that were the original intent of this blog....who's doing what - sharing programming and promotion ideas.

The other issues our industry faces has also been important; and adding it to the discussion will continue also. All about balance. Here's a promise to get back on track soon. And thanks for continuing to drop by.

The Classic Rock Community. Fred Jacobs writes about being acknowledged by R&R this past week. And how great programmers are creating classic rock communities with their stations and websites. Here.

Radio stories.
WMMO/Orlando. Inside Radio's Mike Kinosian interviews original WMMO programmer Cary Pall about the success of rock/ac. A great read here.

Invitation to steal:
David Martin - inspired by Lee Arnold - writes about "blocking and tackling".

A great Friday Morning read

I became "uncomfortably numb" when I read what one radio group head told Wall Street yesterday. The broadcast exec stated that "cost cutting is ongoing" and "every air shift also must be justified".

I'm certain that tough talk sounded great to Wall Street, not so sure about the rank and file inside the stations. And its unclear was "justified" really means.

Added/Related: Consultant Alan Mason offers his two cents. Here.

Lurking on your streaming player. Or perhaps on your RDS display: Internal notes such as "voice track", perhaps? Sean Ross writes about this here.

More over the weekend.

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