Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WCSX: Celebrating The Home Town Champs

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Good Morning from Mid-Michigan.

Red Wings Win! WCSX/Detroit offers up a great LOCAL piece on their website - celebrating the NHL Stanley Cup win by their local heros.

Another great example of relating to the local community. Check out the spread here.

Caught: Last night (by accident), CNBC's "The Business of Innovation" - and Mel Karmazin. Video clip
here. Mel just one segment of a great hour; even IBM's commercials were wonderful (their spotlight on Harley-Davidson was classic). IBM Harley clip here (on right menu).

Mel's segment focused on the Sirius satellite effort to put video in cars.

While watching, I couldn't help recalling in my mind that Mel wanted nothing to do with one innovation: internet streaming during his days running CBS/Infinity. Props to Harve Alan for posting the video clip.

Dave Martin: A great post on management well worth your time this morning.

Review: As noted here Sunday, our area here in the midwest suffered severe weather three nights in a row...Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I was in a casual conversation yesterday about the efforts of our local broadcasters with storm coverage.
The television stations were staffed and generally got a A.

Radio - with one or two exceptions - not so good. While all passed on the EAS alerts to their audience, few did anything else as they were on auto-pilot - the voice-tracked on-air voices unable to relate. Total disconnect.
Another missed opportunity at a time when the audience neded you the most; sending the message that "you can't count on us."

More later as the day permits.

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