Monday, July 21, 2008

Cool Summer Promotions

69° - 85% humidy - hazy at 7:47am

A quick browse around "the dial" saw a lot of stations with ticket giveaways for all the summer tours in progress. Springsteen, The Police, Journey, Sammy Hagar, Scorpions, Eagles, Boston, Styx - among others.

Beyond that there's a few stations taking full advantage of the time of year other stations cut back on promotion activity:

WCSX/Detroit is offering its listeners "Cash, Gas and Grass". Just saying that ought to perk up the ears of listeners for three different reasons. Details
here. The station is also offering its Workforce listeners who work outside in hot, humid Midwest summer weather "construction cool offs". See here.

It might be "cool" to have your station van simply deliver cold bottled water to road crews and construction sites.

KCFX/Kansas City - flagship station of the The Chiefs is offering listeners a chance to go to the team's training camp. That can attract many outside the station's P1 audience. More

WGRF/Buffalo wrapped up their "Hot Mom" contest. See the winner

And...check out the discussion board for the contest
here (along with some nice photos!). PD John Hager has been effectively using listener discussion boards on his website for a few promotions and events now and really engaging/involving his listeners; giving them a voice and making them a part of the station.

More as I see 'em!

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