Friday, July 25, 2008

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

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Good Morning from Okemos.

Getting ready to make a quick day trip to Chicago tomorrow to pick up our two boys at the airport - who've been spending the last three weeks with their Grandparents in Denver. The house has just been too quiet with just the two of us.

More Spring book:
Congrats out to
KSAN/San Francisco (107.7/The Bone)...up a half point. In Sacramento, KSEG (Eagle 96.9) up nearly a full point.

My former station in Lansing,
WMMQ, rebounds from a weak winter book. In Toledo, WXKR is up over a half point.

Added: More Chicago PPM. Anthony Acampora writes today in All Access that Bonneville's WDRV leads the market 25-54 in pre-currency PPM. Very cool Mr. Solk!

This weekend in Buffalo - WGRF's John Hager again engages the listener with the "The Top 100 Guitar Heroes of Classic Rock". As John has done a lot lately, he's cleverly set up a listener discussion board on the station's website (here).

No doubt there will be some debate among fans about who showed up where and who should have been on the list but wasn't. Another great example of involving the listeners in the product and giving them ownership.

Disappointed. But not surprised
about the imminent XM/Sirius merger. One company controlling one delivery system. Where else does this happen?

Can anyone count on the combined company to live up to promises made to get the merger through, given each company's past record - that's now resulting in a combined $19 million dollar fine? (just a cost of doing business, right?).

Disappointed (again) but not surprised by our FCC leadership.

Fans of certain XM and Sirius channels might not be too thrilled losing their favorite brand for a "almost just like" substitute. It'll be interesting to watch from the sidelines. I'm not a subscriber.

Late update: It's a done deal. 3-2 in favor as reported by Inside Radio at 9:20pm.

HD Radio Report. Ibiquity's Bob Struble now writing a monthly column. Read here.

Added: Little did I realize while writing this morning that this is post #500 since starting this blog 18 or so months ago. Thanks again for stopping by. Its your pings that make it all worthwhile.

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