Thursday, August 14, 2008

Around The Dial...Around The Web

60° - fog at 7:57am

Good Morning from Mid-Michigan. Big time ground fog outside my window this morning. Beautiful!

Congrats in order: To Bonneville's Greg Solk, WDRV/Chicago PD Patty Martin and the entire Drive staff for pulling off the impossible. I can't share details - but let's just say WDRV/The Drive is a very special radio station. Wait for PPM to become currency!

Fun Stuff:
WKLH/Milwaukee holding its own "Summer Games". Get these themes: "8 Minute Marathon" (songs longer than 8 minutes, including "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida"); "Torch Light Ceremony" (songs about fire); "Boxing Competition" (songs about fighting); "Thrill Of Winning" (songs about winning); "Agony of Defeat" (songs about losing)...and more. Themes and set lists here.

Classic Rock. Classic Photos.
Noted KGON/Portland and a page devoted to classic photos from the station's archives. What a great idea! Certainly there's a file folder of old photos stashed away somewhere in your station. Put 'em on the web! It can make your site just a little more sticky and help enhance your heritage image!

See KGON's "Time Trippin' With Gloria Johnson" gallery here.

Speaking of making your website "sticky": Buffalo's WGRF did it a few months back with their "Hottest Mom" contest. Now its the "97 Rock Bikini Photo Contest". Nice stuff! Local listener-generated content too! Look here.

WCSX and The Who help Detroit:
Last Friday The Who announced that all their earnings from an upcoming October concert in the city will benefit two area charity organizations.

The band teamed up with Greater Media's WCSX in selecting the two organizations and the station inviting listeners to "Join Together With The Band
to help these great local organizations while experienceing a night of amazing Rock ‘n Roll."

Kudos to OM/PD Doug Podell in pulling this off. An excellent way for a classic rock station to "give back" to the city. More here.

Have a great Thursday!

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