Thursday, August 7, 2008

PPM Lessons for Smaller Markets + More Spring Books

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Why PPM matters. Even in non-PPM markets. I've been commenting on this blog for some time now that lessons learned from PPM can make a difference in non-PPM markets.

Tom Taylor - in his Radio-Info.Com Newsletter this morning relays a call he received from consultant Bob Taylor:

He says “in small markets, they’re thinking ‘this doesn’t apply to us’, but it doesn’t make a difference: tuneout is tuneout.” He started applying the early PPM lessons from Houston and Philly when he was programming in Binghamton and says “I saw that when we took that stuff off the air, like the jock saying ‘be right back’, we saw the Time Spent Listening go up in the diary world.” He kept picking away at “the stuff in between the songs, like how long the breaks were, and we re the breaks focused on the listener, not what you did last weekend.” The music’s got to be right, of course. But Bob says “This makes a difference in any market, like what you say going into breaks. The competition didn’t get what we were doing in Binghamton, but it’s like going into Starbucks – it’s not just the coffee, it’s the experience, on a minute-by-minute basis.” Bob says that’s what the People Meter rules – like those 20 that T-R-I ran on Monday from the Boot Camp session that included Rick Cummings – can do for every market. He says it’s dangerous to keep using “1996 rules…and then we scratch our heads and ask why the TSL is dropping” on a diary-measured station.

Tom's daily newsletter - a must-read - is offered as a free subscription

Spring Arbitrons - more classic rock winners: A big time win for WLAV/Grand Rapids. The station up almost 2-1/2 points and #2 12+. In Oklahoma City, KRXO up over a point and a half - good for #3 12+. KKFM/Colorado Springs also up a point and a half, good for a tie at #2 12+.

In Portland, KGON up a half point. WSFL/Greenville-New Bern up almost a full point - good for #3 12+. WIMZ/Knoxville up just over a point. And in Nashville, WNRQ is up a half point. All stations to spend some time with on the web with pen and notepad.

Added Advisory: This could be sitting in your Outlook in-box. Watch for emails with the subject line " Daily Top 10". Clicking on a link in the email will invite a victim to install a video codec which simply installs some nasty malware on the victim's PC.

Yesterday I spent a good few hours removing such from a co-worker's desktop. Nasty stuff. Your IT people and co-workers should be aware. Read more

Headed north to Michigan's beautiful Traverse City today. More tomorrow.

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