Monday, December 8, 2008

Quote Of The Week

All Regulars:

I've been very busy for the past week and more (details forthcoming) and hope to get back to regular posting asap. Meanwhile - let me offer you words from Tim Cuprisin, writer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel - in this story about the departure of Chicago's Steve Dahl:

"Ironically, as local radio competes with the Internet, iPods and satellite, it should be going more local. After all, that's the product it uses to sell listeners to advertisers."

"But in an effort to cut costs - a move sped up by the worsening economy - radio's dropping the personalities who connect it to the audience. The short-term benefit can't help the longtime health of the radio biz."


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Jeff K said...

Busy huh? Details forthcoming, humm.

I'm intrigued