Friday, March 6, 2009

Cara Gets It....

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We've all read about the power of social networking - and as a radio programmer you've probably wondered what how sites like Twitter and Facebook can help your cause and build and strengthen relationships with your listeners.

A great example comes from WTMX/Chicago personality Cara Carriveau. Cara is on my Facebook friends list - and now is someone I also follow via Twitter.

Here's an example from earlier this week of what she's posting on Facebook:

And on Twitter:

Its all about building relationships with listeners; and using free tools like Twitter and Facebook to do it.

This past Wednesday, 1162 folks were friends with Cara on Facebook - all seeing her posts on their Friends Feed page. On Twitter, there's another 217 followers at this point. These are listeners who elected to "opt in". Very cool.

On my own Facebook and Twitter feeds, I have a few dozen radio air personalities. But I can count on just over one hand those who are using these social networks as effectively as Cara Carriveau.

Full disclosure: I'm late to the party on this. I've been on Facebook only since the beginning of the year and just joined Twitter.

More to come on all this...

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