Friday, March 6, 2009

Brian James: R.I.P.

Brian was the voice of three stations I programmed in my career and also many more that I listened to. From All Access:

"ALL ACCESS is saddened to report that voiceover legend BRIAN JAMES has suddenly passed away from a heart attack at 4a this morning (3/6), at his home in SCOTTSDALE, AZ. He was 48. BRIAN is survived by his wife KIMBERLY, his son MAX, and a stepdaughter BROOKE. More details, as soon as they are available."

There was nothing like getting raw audio back from Brian and hearing him just nail the read of copy you've written. Another big loss for radio.

Added: There is now a Brian James discussion group here on Facebook. And KZHT/Salt Lake City pays tribute to Brian on their website here. Thanks again to All Access.


Anonymous said...

Brian was a staple of many Michigan stations, including WWCK, WIOG, WKHQ, WYSS, WXYT, and the proverbial "much much more".

And gone so young. Just another reminder that we need to take time this weekend to remember what's important, and not who changed their clocks, moved their jocks, and "really rocks".

Anonymous said...

It has been a month now since Brian passed. Most of the world has moved on now. The fervor of loss has been washed away by the tide of everyday life for most people who knew Brian.

Not for me. Brian is my brother. I had known him longer than anyone else except our mother. I had the privilege to know him for 45 of those 48 years. It was all too short.

Thank you all for appreciating his talent and personality.


Anonymous said...

I had the occasion to dismantle Brian's studio last week. It was a strange experience mixing a walk through the past with the current realities of life.

9 months later I still miss him and his voice.