Monday, March 16, 2009

Engaging Listeners On The Web & On The Air

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Its been some time since this blog checked in with Buffalo's WGRF (97 Rock)...and what PD John Hager has been up to. John is a master at engaging listeners by combining the station's website and the station's on-air programming.

This time around listeners are voting for the best live album of all time - with results to be featured on a live album weekend:

Not only is 97 Rock giving listeners a chance to vote on what the station will feature for a live album weekend, but the station is inviting some lively debate on the voting:

Very cool....and just one example of how 97 Rock has been using its website to invite listeners to help program the station. Simply, it gives the listeners ownership in the product. And that translates into loyalty and TSL.

Its tactics like this that that really make me miss programming a radio station.

Want more examples? Click here.

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matt said...

Bon Jovi - One Wild Night? I want that person's contact info so that I can help to broaden their horizons. I like Bon Jovi, but that live album is wretched. Fades between every single track.


But hey, your post was great :-)