Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

Left: My backyard. 9am this morning.

Sunny & 15° - clouds coming.

Follow-up. Thursday, I posted my rant on internet streaming. At the same time, Edison Media's Sean Ross posted on the topic - with his focus on "webset" content - including a monitor of Atlanta station web streams. Its a great read - find the link and some follow-up comments here.

Arbitron has released its latest "American Radio Listening Trends"; and Fall '06 was not kind to Classic Rock. The format still the leads the rock genre. Check out the trends going back to Fall of '98 here.

Start your week with this: David Martin points us to Chicago radio personality Cara Carriveau's new site featuring a podcast/interview with stand-up comic and former Chicago/Milwaukee radio personality Dobie Maxwell. Dobie has been one of our favorites for years - and along with Cara shares some thoughts and great war stories about radio - and life.

Nothing beyond rumor: but Dave White reports of a possible Led Zeppelin reunion in 2007. No doubt a big event if it were to happen; but I just can't help but think of the late George Harrison in 1989: stating that there would be no Beatles reunion "as long as John Lennon remained dead."


Cara Carriveau said...

Nice website! I LOVED your rant about internet streaming. Who cares if Arbitron recognizes it or not - isn't it all about building brand awareness? And yeah, it can even MAKE money with a new revenue source. I'm a perfect example - when I'm home, if I'm listening to the radio it's online.

I can speak from experience - when hosting middays at WLUP the new owners took down the internet stream and I was flooded with calls & emails DAILY complaining about it.

On a classic rock station, why not feature a 2 minute slickly produced "look back" at a band like The Who during a commercial break. And I'm sure a sponsor would love it, too.

Dan Kelley said...


Thank you for your post! Likewise - unless I'm in the car, my radio listening is online.

Love the thought on 2min artist features...sounds like something one could produce in a basement studio, eh?

All the best to you with your podcasting; I am looking forward to the next one!