Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

Good Morning from Chicago. We're actually staying at my brother's home in the community of Gurnee - north of Chicago right near the Wisconsin state line.

Had a family reunion last night in Deerfield - my hometown. Good times.

More Lone Star 92.5:
Pollack Media Group's Jim Kerr - writing in his company's weekly "Pollack Media Confidential" observes that the revamped KZPS is "a radio station built to be streamed".

Jim makes the point that with station's new commercial policy - no traditional recorded spots - the station eliminates all AFTRA streaming issues.
And with that, Lone Star 92.5 can receive full credit from Arbitron for any online listening.

If you were not aware - Arbitron will not give your station credit for online listening if the stream isn't 100% simulcast with the on-air signal......commercials and all. Should Jim's piece be available online at some point, we'll be sure to pass it along.

Mike McVay.
Mike writes about an old pair of shoes and creating emotional attachments with listeners.

Jay Leno.
Chicago's Rick Kaempfer shares a great story about a Jay Leno moment on his "Celebrity Snippets" blog here. And do check out Rick's Chicago Radio Spotlight this week for his interview with former radio writer/performer Jeff Hoover. I never get bored reading and hearing radio war stories.

More here Monday.

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