Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wednesday Blogs

Rain - Lansing 9:07am. Latest image here.

From my blogosphere:

Radio's talent crisis. Fred Jacobs writes about "A short bench". Added: Dave Martin's take on Fred's post here.

Mark & Mark. Mark Ramsey with some interesting thoughts inspired by Mark Cuban here. Its a great read: all about "the experience".

On his own blog: Mark Cuban touches on a pet peeve of mine: why do some stations run spots for obvious scams? Why rip off your listeners? Read Mark Cuban's comments here.

Public Service: WMGK/Philadelphia morning man John DeBella holds his 5th Annual "DeBella Dog Walk" on May 6th. Link. Looks like a great bonding experience.

KKLZ/Las Vegas gets out this Friday - all day 6a-7p with "DJs for PJs"; collecting new PJs to benefit children in need. See here.

Last Friday, WDRV/Chicago
opened bidding for 12 hours on a
Fender Stratocaster guitar autographed by former Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. Winning bid was just over 5 grand with proceeds to benefit the Save The Earth Foundation. See here.

Speaking of: A Chicago competitor praises WDRV. I'd be psyched. Read Robert Feder's column here. Meanwhile other Chicago broadcasters talk about Arbitron's new PPM...and what it means here.

WKRP DVD Update. Via Lee Arnold's blog, comes this link.

Have a great day.

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