Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I intended to save this for Wednesday; but there's lots of tongues a waggin'.....

Me: Its sad to see a heritage classic rock station disappear. I can only speculate the reasons and the events that led to the decision.

That said
- I listened to the new Lone Star 92.5 for about an hour yesterday and found it refreshing; The music, overall presentation - and the commercial policy were fantastic. Only time will tell whether the format has legs - and if the ad community will support this new paradigm. I hope so.

Fred Jacobs comments more this morning here about the change in Dallas - and suggests that the station's new commercial policy might have been better tested with the prior classic rock format.

Edison Media Research's Sean Ross gives the new "Lone Star 92.5" a first listen
here. Sean notes that the music is mostly grounded in......classic rock.

We noted the words of McVay Media's Dave Lange yesterday; but
here they are again.

Whats your take? Click to listen to Lone Star 92.5.

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