Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Monday

Sunny/81° at 3:30pm

Back this afternoon - a day later than planned from our road trip - after the "why not stay another day?" question came up.

Had a great time with family, but admit its nice being back home - and I'm looking forward to my pillow and my bed tonight.

Listened to radio very casually this trip while in the car. Heard some small market talent with great potential as well as others that desperately need coaching and guidance. I guess thats pretty typical.

The point is there's still talent out there - and perhaps "getting out of Dodge" and making a cross-country road trip is a (one) good way of finding them.

Memorial Day. Arriving home this afternoon - we passed a cemetary a couple blocks away here in Okemos and it looks far different today than I ever remember seeing before. There's more American Flags than you can easily count - more flowers - and more people on the grounds than I can ever recall. It was a pretty powerful image. Live.

Received an email Saturday Morning from an old radio friend who wrote: "As an old 'Nam Vet, this is one of the hardest times of the year for me."

More tomorrow.

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