Friday, May 25, 2007

The Weekend Classic Rock FM

Rain/60° at 10am

Memorial Day Weekend already. Wow.

We're traveling tomorrow
- at almost $4/gallon! Ouch! I have a neice graduating from school and we'll be in Missouri tomorrow for a late afternoon celebration with most of my family.

Latest monthly PPM results
from Philadephia show numbers holding steady for rock and classic rock. Very nice. Yesterday, CBS flipped Free-FM in New York City back to rock. NYC goes PPM later this year. Rock on.

On Air:
Lots of Top 500 Countdowns on classic rock radio this weekend. WCSX/Detroit calls theirs "The Motor City 500". In Buffalo, WGRF PD John Hager calls his the "Rock N Roll 500".

New York's WAXQ is doing a "Block Party Weekend". Chicago's WDRV has another "Live Drive" weekend starting today at noon - live tracks all weekend long; we'll catch some of that on the road.

Weekend specials are great for classic rock;
and doing a Top 500 Countdown or other special programming over this 3-day weekend builds quarter hours. Sometimes these things take a lot of time to put together; the payoff comes with the spring book numbers.

As a PD
- I've always been excited by the ability to do these on-air events. One of the delights of a gold format. And often my crosstown competition would never have the vision or bother to make the effort.

I've had the pleasure of late nights with my staff putting together production and imaging - or working away at Selector - for special weekends. I'd let the staff know these are things that make the station extraordinary.

Read here "The Big Event".

The "rush" for the air talent happens when they're getting all the positive listener feedback on the phones and email. I get a buzz listening to the station after its all put together and on the air.

Certainly If you're the second classic rock or classic hits station in a market - and the lead guy isn't doing these things, you should be.

Have a great weekend. We'll have something here on Monday.

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