Thursday, May 3, 2007

MId-Book Promo Check

Well almost mid-book. Today begins week #5 of the spring Arbitron.

I was really expecting to see a lot of "Harley Days Of May" promotions as I surfed through the stations. Did find a few: WGRF/Buffalo; KMOD/Tulsa; KSEG/Sacramento; WPYX/Albany; KRKX/Billings; WBXQ/Altoona; WGBF/Evansville; There's got to be others I missed.

Dude, You're Getting A Dell: "A Dell A Day In May" - WAOR/South Bend with a Dell laptop and 3-months of Comcast internet when the cue plays. Here.

No Repeat Work Week. WCSX/Detroit with this 9 to 5 contest featuring a song of the week worth $1000. Sometimes it plays twice for another chance to win.

Hi-Lo Jackpot. WMGK/Philadelphia brings back a promotion thats been around since (at least) the 1960s. Great graphics here.

Another Classic: "The Secret Sound" giveway. KJFX/Fresno brings back another one. Link. I'm waiting for a station to do a new twist on "radio bingo".

Ultimate Garage. Its a definite guy thing. WSKZ/Chattanooga has the goods. Here. Also saw one station doing a kitchen makeover...not quite a guy thing...but....

Best wishes for a great spring book!

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