Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wednesday Blogs

From my blogosphere:

Long Live Rock.
Quoting Lee Arnold Tuesday: "A cataclysmic event may just have happened yesterday in Rock Radio." The first PPM ratings have been been released from Philadelphia - and show a substantial increase in the shares for rock and classic rock radio.

Rock WMMR jumps from a 4.3 to a 7.9; Classic Rock WMGK 3.6 to a 5.7. Wow.

More: "Something that Rock Programmers have known forever was finally proven. Arbitron's diary system under-represents Rock Radio's Ratings." Read Lee's entire post here. (link repaired)

Added: Bob Seger helps Classic Rock numbers in winter Detroit Arbitron. The Detroit News story is here.

The NAB and streaming.
They've been late to the party but are finally hopping on the bandwagon to fight increased streaming royalty payments to Sound Exchange. Jerry Del Colliano writes about the NAB and Internet Radio here.

Energizing Remotes. Here in Lansing a few months back, we livened up some bar remotes with Nintendo Wii gameplay and giveaways. This morning Fred Jacobs writes about another game that might shake up your remotes. Read here.

Continuing Education. Seth Godin writes "
If you went to a doctor who told you that she hadn't read a scholarly article or taken any training since med school, would you stick around? What about a lawyer who doesn't read law journals or a dentist who never bothered to read up on the newest case studies?" Seth's entire post is here.

We all grow reading about the changes in our industry and what others are doing. And thats the very point of this blog.

Have a great Wednesday.

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