Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

Good Morning - Happy Mother's Day!

I mentioned here ten days ago about the Bob & Tom controversy in Boise. Since then a few other billboards have raised eyebrows in their respective markets. In Cincinnati, WLW has attracted attention with its "The Big Juan" campaign. More here. Not all positive, btw.

And in Baltimore - a defaced Rush Limbaugh board has one city official there under fire for praising the action.

Mark Ramsey writes
here that "If defacing outdoor achieves this level of publicity then I'm speaking for everyone in the radio industry when I say: We should have tagged our outdoor long ago."

I know of one station who has done that to their own board in the past - and yes, it works.

An idea for a new way to promote your station at the gas pump here from Fred Jacobs.

A Classic Rock Radio Critic. And his visit to New York's WAXQ to chat with PD Bob Buchmann. This piece three years old - but still an interesting read. Here.

Tom O'Toole. This past week, I received Tom's latest VO and imaging demo. Tom has some great produced promos and sweepers his CD. Get a copy for yourself by sending an email to Tom here.

btw: Tom's one of the original 1977 WLUP talents I've mentioned here in the past.

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