Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

71° - sunny at 10am

Welcome to July!

Listening this morning to Bob Stroud's Rock & Roll Roots on WDRV/Chicago. Celebrating the Summer of Love with a rewind to this week in 1967. Just head "Omaha" by Moby Grape. Very nice.

Also some quality time yesterday
with Buffalo's WGRF. This station just sounds excellent. The station in the midst of a live tracks weekend.

Caught a bit of The Deep End with Nick Michaels - and the station's own "Psychedelic Saturday", hosted by WGRF midday personality J.P.

The Conclave.
Today's the final day in Minneapolis.

R&R - reporting on Friday's Arbitron PPM session, notes that PPM data from Houston demonstrated how events drive listening spikes. A specific example cited was a George Strait ticket giveaway on CBS Radio's KILT. Listening levels "soared" each time the contest was conducted during the day.

KDWB/Minneapolis PD Rob Morris
offered advice for up and coming PDs including becoming "listener advocates." Amen.

More Conclave coverage at Radio and Records.

Cara's Basement.
Got an email late Friday from Chicago's Cara Carriveau telling me that her latest podcast is up - this time talking music (and Foreigner) with Mick Jones. Listen here.

Listening to Cara and Mick Jones triggers some great memories - including seeing Foreigner at Chicago's Uptown Theater back in 1977 - not long after that first album was all over radio. What a great time for AOR FM.

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