Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Monday

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again: so long Tom...and thanks.

Good afternoon from Michigan...

PPM Troubles. Arbitron reveals (via Inside Radio this morning) that the churn rate for meter participants is high - with many simply leaving their meters docked after being on panel for several months.

Consultant Jaye Albright weighs in on the issue

Me: I'm just wondering how many electronic "things" the typical consumer wants to carry around with them.

Dave Lange:
Some Good Signs For Rock Music/Radio. Read here. At the end of that piece Dave writes about his son and "Guitar Hero" - and says: "I bet we'll see even more teen and 18-24 number for Classic Rock formats over the next few years and we'll happily have Guitar Hero to blame."

Fred Jacobs on Guitar Hero:
"...for radio stations doing too many promotions as it is, "Guitar Hero" is a great way to inject a little consumer-generated fun." Read more here.

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