Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Whats New With da Cume?

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My lawn is brown. We need some rain here in mid-Michigan!

Most stations run listener panels with email clubs and various music and perceptual research services. Typically these are your P1 listeners who have made the effort to register with your station.

As we approach fall - review when you last surveyed your participants. Many stations only do this once as part of the sign-up process. Its good to do at least twice a year; perhaps more often depending on your market.

Survey those P1s again - especially if there's been any changes in your market - like format flips and new signals; if you've made some significant formatic or music changes; or simply if its been a long time.

Your database is a great asset - and an excellent way to look for shifts in your market.

Just one more thing to do before the fall book begins (9/20)!

Added: Tom Snyder (one more time) - a great story about a high level corporate lunch meeting from Ken Levine.

Read here along with a bunch of wonderful reader comments and memories.

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