Monday, July 9, 2007

Oldies Back in NYC

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This revises (again) an earlier post.

Tongues are a waggin' over rumors news that WCBS-FM will soon be returning to oldies. Look for an updated oldies presentation if/when the format does reappear.

Given all the mainstream press and no comments by the CBS suits - this has got to be imminent; I've been wrong before.

Its official:

A little over two years since the radio station’s format was changed to JACK FM/adult hits, CBS-FM’s legendary sound will mark its return to the New York market beginning on Thursday, July 12 at 1:01PM, ET.

Once again the music of the 60s, 70s and 80s will be heard at 101.1 - home for more than 30 years to the greatest hits of those eras."

Read the complete release here.

With the PPM oldies numbers in Philadelphia, the case to flip back has never been stronger. PPM hits the Big Apple this fall.

Meanwhile - Sean Ross writes about Jack - and notes that with all the hype "
the most important thing about the Classic Rock/Hot AC hybrid got lost." A must read. Here.

Right now the Jack FM NYC website is all about the "Jack On The Beach" concert on July 22nd with ZZ Top, Stray Cats and The Pretenders.

Could this be reworked into an updated WCBS-FM oldies/classic hits presentation? Just thinking out loud.

With the news now official - I can see the smiles in NYC all the way in Michigan!

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Anonymous said...

We're not all smiling. JackFM is a great station - playing the oldies a lot of us would rather hear - great 80s songs and a good mix of today's stuff too. And not playing the same songs every hours. And not having old tired DJs talking through all the songs intros. I am devastated we are losing the only good station in NYC. Sometimes nostalgia should be left in the past - good memories, but you have to move on.