Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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Around the dial.
Edison Media's Sean Ross writes here about his listening - and a drop heard at the end of the stopset on the new KFRC/San Francisco:

"Thanks for being patient. Your reward is more Classic Hits on 106.9 KFRC."

Sean adds
"You might read that as positioning commercials as something to be endured. But knowing that most listeners still regard commercials as a fair trade-off for music, saying "thank you" is a nice (and surprisingly novel) idea."

There's always been lots of power with the word "thanks" - both on air and off - and to your listeners and staff.

Sharing Stories. I wrote Monday about WGRF/Buffalo soliticing listener stories for their Labor Day Weekend event.

Mark Ramsey writes
here about a project underway at Philadelphia's non-comm WXPN - which is asking listeners "
to contribute to a massive archive of personally important musical moments."

For use with an on-air special as well as the station's website.

Mark notes: "if your audience is driven by a passion for music doesn't it make sense to invite their stories and that passion to be expressed on your station's site?" Yup!

I've mentioned here before about a related web concept that some stations doing. These examples below are from WGRF/Buffalo, WKLH/Milwaukee and KSAN/San Francisco. More of an endorsement - not quite as formal - but I believe very effective:

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