Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mornings to Late Night

75° - overcast - 80% humity at 9:30am
Actually not bad outside - yet.

Happy Thursday.

WMGK/Philadelphia signs the syndicated "Free Beer & Hot Wings" show - to air delayed 10p-1a; replacing the likewise-syndicated "Nights With Alice Cooper" - which the station recently dropped. Late night personality radio. And a huge move for this show.

"Free Beer & Hot Wings" is fed live mornings and originates from Regent's WGRD/Grand Rapids.

The show dominates in its home market and is now syndicated on roughly 15 stations in the east and midwest.

Give it a listen on WGRD's stream.
This morning it was a "best of". Fred Jacobs wrote about the show back in November. Read here. Wondering if WMGK will slice and dice the show to add music to the program???

Speaking of Philadelphia: Latest round of PPM numbers released yesterday.

Both classic hits WOGL and classic rock WMGK hold their cume and are ranked #2 and #3 in the market respectively.

And: I ordered this book today from Amazon. Looks like there's some good words for radio...

From the book's website:

"Walk the street, see what's going on, and spit it out in your own way. Don't do it because you research it, do it because you breathe it." -Russell Simmons

"You can be the Goliath but you always have to think and behave like the David" -Scott Bedbury

"Great legends are usually people who die young because they didn't live long enough to spoil their image" -Ed Limato

More continuing education for yours truly. It never stops.

Have a great Thursday!

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