Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Wednesday Blogs & ARBs

77° - sunny at 10am

Welcome to August.

Last night was a great one for a bike ride around town and through the bike trails with a big old pink red moon overhead. And I did finally water my (browning) lawn. At least the front yard.

Frustration. I'm going to try again - but yesterday I had sent a note to introduce myself to a GM at a ratings-challenged station in a market I'd like to be in. This morning an Outlook return receipt showed that it was "deleted without being read". At least I know it wasn't something I

More ARBs.
Looking casually over the release spring numbers from the past week - a few stations really stood out: One is KQRS/Minneapolis. The station is #1 12-plus. Added: KQRS dominates 18-49 and exceeds a 12 share 25-54!

WGRF/Buffalo is #3 12-plus - a solid #2 A25-54 and #1 M25-54. Very nice.

From my blogosphere:

Records & Radio. From press reports it appears the recording industry woo'd Congress yesterday with their request for airplay royalties.

This morning Jerry Del Colliano writes about "Radio Royalty Hardball" - read here.

And Fred Jacobs notes here that "...the recording industry still doesn't "get it" that their best avenue for exposure, artist brand building, and sales is still good old radio".

Conclave. From Jaye Albright: materials and session recordings from last month's Conclave are now available - some of those resources are free. Check out Jaye's blog here.

Seth Godin. Seth writes a short blog post about "Toxic" employees. Read here.

My own experience and growth has helped me avoid such hires and to better manage "pre-existing conditions".

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