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Good Morning.

Radio Station Names.
What makes a strong one? Mark Ramsey takes notes here from a book by author Marty Neumeier.

Added: More ARBs: Just read Anthony Acampora's latest demo breakouts on All Access. In Denver: Persons 25-54 is ruled by Clear Channel's AAA KBCO followed a half point behind by sister Classic Rocker KRFX. Not a bad place to be - congrats to KRFX/Fox PD Garner Goin.

In Seattle: KZOK is #1 P25-54. And in Portland: KGON is a solid #2 P25-54.

XM's Lee Abrams: "
Heard a Deep Tracks promo. Great example of NOT using “lazy words”. They used the line “handcrafted sets” (as has the Loft for a long time) to describe the music programming on the channel. They COULD have used “All your Deep Classic Rock Favorites” or something silly like that."

Lee's blog is here.

Lee Arnold. Last Thursday his internet station WORJ.COM streamed a 1975 radio concert from Gary Wright. From the "Dream Weaver" era - and wonderful.

Thanks again Lee.

Kudos. To Cox Radio head Bob Neil for telling it like it is: "
The reality is that if radio doesn’t play their music they’re not gonna sell their recordings."

This in reaction to proposed artist airplay royalties - and last week's testimony in Washington.

Nearly every successful recording artist can thank radio for their careers - including Sam Moore and Judy Collins.

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