Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sunday Morning Odds & Sods

64° - light rain at 11am

Good Morning.

Fired up the WDRV
/Chicago stream this morning - and Bob Stroud. Heard one hit wonder "Crow" and 1969's "Evil Woman (Don't Play Your Games With Me)". Nice.

Later: Bob wound up his show with "Lake Shore Drive" by
Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah. Still a wonderful song to hear after all these years. You gotta be from the Windy City to understand; pardon this moment of self-indulgence.

WDRV doing a "triple play weekend" - 3'fers accompanied by some excellent artist imaging; hard to beat Nick Michaels' storytelling.

Speaking of music -
I'm hearing all sorts of good things about a new Stephen Stills release "Just Roll Tape".

The CD features demo versions of many Stills classics performed in the studio back in 1968.

Bob Leftsetz writes
here about the Stills release; Larry Estlack (Allen) at WMMQ wrote in an email last night: "Got it and it is very fresh, like finding a old photo in very nice condition." On my want list.

With so many demos and unreleased versions of classic songs available now on reissues - can a special weekend be put together with this material? As only Classic Rock can do. The WXXX Basement Tapes or something. Just thinking...

Hype-o-licious. Consultant Greg Gillispie writes in this week's FMQB - here - about building momentum with buzz and WOM (word-of-mouth); and gives some examples of how the value far exceeds the investment.

Confessions of an Arbitron participant.
Discovered consultant Harv Blain's new blog - and a post about comments some Arbitron participants have made on their own blogs. Very worth your time. Here.

Added: David Martin here on Swanson's Unwritten Rules of Management and unwritten rule number eight. Added: Rick Kaempfer interviews KLKX-KKZQ Palmdale PD and syndicated "The Rockin' 80s" host Mark Zander. Here.

Have a great Sunday. Going to enjoy this rain - long overdue.

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