Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Labor Day Weekend Programming

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Big downpour here last night as thunderstorms moved through Mid-Michigan. Cool weather made for a great night's sleep!

Heard yesterday that
KRFX/Denver will have Night Ranger's Jack Blades in the studio - in morning drive and again this afternoon. Night Ranger in town for two free shows Saturday at the annual "Taste of Colorado".

Years ago, my station had Night Ranger in for a concert - and the entire band was great about appearances around town before the show. Very radio and fan friendly.

Listening to KRFX's Lewis & Floorwax this am; heard an absolute killer track from Devon Allman and his band Honeytribe. Apparently they were live in studio earlier in week. Devon is son of Gregg. Check them out here.

Labor Day Weekend Programming - Part 3: KGB/San Diego is doing a no-repeat weekend "with deep cuts and KGB classics". Sponsored too!

WKLH/Milwaukee is serving up an artist A to Z weekend. Have a sponsor behind it also.

WAQX/New York is doing a request weekend with a twist: "sing us the song that you want to hear live on the air, and earn the song you want to hear. Embarrass your friends, family, and of course yourself, and we'll play your request!" Here.

WCSX/Detroit - aside from broadcasting from the Detroit Grand Prix - is doing a Classic Rock Live Tracks weekend; plus Aerosmith ticket giveaways for a September 8th show. Here.

Mainstream rock WMMR/Philadelphia is doing a "back to school" A to Z this weekend.

I just love this graphic from their website!

WZLX/Boston celebrates "Zeptember" - spotlighting Led Zep with "exclusive interview audio from the ZLX Vault…the hits, deep cuts and lost classics from the Zeppelin catalog."

Added: More additions to the "PPM Rulebook" from Paragon Media Strategies. Read here.

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